Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Holistic Hottie™: MELT Away Your Aches & Pains

My latest passion is MELTing (Myofascial Energetic Lengthening Technique). If you've seen me at the gym outside of class, I'm sure you've seen me on the foam roller. It's not because I'm in pain and I'm not managing an injury. It's just the opposite! I'm preventing pain and injury by hydrating my connective tissue back to it's natural length.

MELT a self-treatment technique developed by Susan Hitzmann using small balls (for hands and feet) and foam rollers (for the masses of the body). Connective tissue is hydrated and lengthened resulting in:

* increased circulation,
* more freedom of movement,
* better balance,
* the elimination of pain/overtightness,
* greater body awareness,
* stress-reduction,
* - the list can go on and on but I'll stop here for now.

The thing I LOVE about it is that it makes my body feel outstanding, centered and more relaxed. I cannot WAIT to begin offering MELT classes and teaching people how they can even do this on their own, whenever and wherever.

Once you try this technique, you will totally understand why I'm so passionate about it.

MELT --------> pain-free movement for a lifetime.

It's good for EVERYbody. Age, skill and dis/ability are never limiting factors.

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  1. MELT looks really interesting. i feel like anything that lengthens or improves flexibility makes feel better in everything i do.
    can't wait to try it!