Sunday, September 21, 2008

Holistic Hottie™: Remember when ...

you'd call a friend to say: "Wanna come over and play?" And you'd just run around outside, climb trees, play on the jungle gym and whatever else?

I came home from doing just that with a friend. Another adult. At the playground.

I had a blast!

With all the climbing, running, spinning, twirling, inverting, flipping, and sliding I was doing I KNOW I'll be sore tomorrow. I was doing the same tricks I used to do as a kid and THEN some. I also had a gang of kids following me around trying to copy that things I was doing. Go figure! :)

While some people do their reps and sets of traditional jungle gym exercise or even bootcamps, I'll stick to playing. Nothing beats unstructured exercise. Without even realizing what you're doing, you're building your strength and endurance just by playing around!

Climb up the pole (or use the ladder if you need to), slide or swing down -- works your back, arms, shoulders core and inner thighs.

Do some handstands against a beam -- works your shoulders.

Inversions (like pole dance but you don't have to be sexy on the playground) -- serious core and shoulder stability.

Do some flips off the monkey bars -- works everything.

Run up to the slide as fast as you can and slide down -- HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio.

Spin your friends so they can twirl on the tire swing as fast as they can (I was the one spun today actually) -- work for the spinner, fun for the person on the tire.

Maybe I'm just a fool! But, hey, I didn't care. Can't wait to go again.

* Disclaimer: I realize I am agile and not everyone can do flips and whatnot. Start small and easy. You might just grab a monkey bar and hang. The full-body stretch you get from hanging is awesome! It provides traction for your shoulders, hips and spine.

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  1. I would so love to go play like this, they don't let childless adults in the playgrounds in my area. Boo :(