Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holistic Hottie™: Get MELTed!

I am excited to tell you all that the new and improved M.E.L.T. Method® (MELT) website is up and is now loaded with information on what exactly this method is and what it can do for you.

A few posts ago I mentioned this revolutionary "hands-off" approach to bodywork developed by Sue Hitzmann.

It is a pro-active self-treatment technique that improves: flexibility, posture, sleep, digestion, overall well-being and more. It reduces things like: aches, pains, cellulite (dehydrated and damaged connective tissue), tension, headaches, and risk of injury.

Sounds too good to be true but it IS true and scientifically-based.

I like it because it has made me more flexible, helps me recover from workouts and maintain a hectic schedule without having the aches, pains and tightness a lot of others in my field suffer. (knock on wood!)

If you're interested in a private session with me and you live in the NYC area, shoot me an email and we can get started.

Get a $5 discount on the small MELT balls for hands/feet between now and June 30 by using the code: MELT-AM1


  1. Amira,

    I saw this and thought of you for some reason. Hate it or love it?

    Looks kinda cool

  2. Jukari looks like too much fun! Thanks for sharing.