Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holistic Hottie™: Attention Wholefoods shoppers!

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to this video on Youtube. I was shocked to discover that Wholefoods was slapping their label on "organic" produce that was actually a product of China. China's regulations on what qualifies as organic are very different from the USDA's regulations. On the website, China isn't even listed as having an accredited organic certifying agncy.

But don't let this deception deter you from shopping at Wholefoods. USDA certified organic still means better quality and better nutrition. Just be sure to read the labels - including the fine print!

If your goals are to shed weight, increase strength, boost immunity, or to have more energy, here are some other tips when shopping at Wholefoods or elsewhere:

When reading labels on packaged products, I recommend for my clients to read the ingredient list first. Make sure all the ingredients listed are actual foods and not fillers, additives and/or preservatives. If one of the first three ingredients is a sugar (any word ending in -ose), put it back on the shelf. If you see a word that you don't recognize as a food, put it back on the shelf. If there's an ingredient that is more than 8 letters long or is difficult to pronounce, put it back on the shelf. Items found on shelves are most likely to contain fillers, additives, and/or preservatives so it's usually best to stick with items around the circumference of the store.

After checking the ingredients, look at the sugar content. If the item has more than 10 grams of sugar per serving, find something else. If the item has less than 10 grams of sugar but you know that you will have 4 servings of it, make sure to do the math! If each serving contain 5 grams of sugar, that is 20 grams of sugar per your definition of what a serving is. And if that's the case, put it back on the shelf.


  1. Thanks for your postings. I follow from the old SW but it has gone downhill the past year.

    the sugar advice is interesting. I have a hard time finding any food without artificial junk in it. I try raw foods but am emotionally attached to junk food from my childhood. It's tough to motivate myself out of it. Something to do with emotional stress. I seem to always think a relationship will improve my outlook and motivation but it always ends up the opposite.

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