Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holistic Hottie™: Burning Off the Fat with Tabata

You've probably heard of Insanity or P9OX. What has made these workouts so popular is that they both incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques. 
HIIT is great because you get the cardiovascular benefits of regular cardio in less time. Plus because of the intensity of the spurts of activity, you also gain strength and power. With strength and power comes an increase in lean muscle which in effect boosts your metabolism so that you burn body fat at rest.
Where does "Tabata" come in? Well in 1996 Izumi Tabata researched the effects of doing consecutive intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 4 minutes for a given exercise. From this he was able to conclude that this training method:

1. increases VO2max at the highest rate ever reported.
2. is much more effective and efficient than long, steady-state cardio.
(Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, journal)

Since then many other studies have followed done by other researchers finding the similar results.

Because of these findings athletes have been incorporating Tabata (and other HIIT) training into their programs to make performance gains and to shed bodyfat.

Tabata isn't just for athletes though.  Almost anyone can fit it into their schedules.  It doesn't take up much time, space or equipment.
A tabata-based workout is intense but time flies by. A typical class lasts no longer than 30 minutes consisting of just 16 to 20 minutes of actual work. The workout is quick and more importantly, effective.

Starting the week of November 8th I'm offering "Ultimate Tabata Challenge & Recovery" small group training at NYSC:

Thursdays 1:15 @ Tribeca (Demo - Nov 3rd for 30 minutes)
Sundays 12:30 @ Brooklyn Heights (Demo - TBA)
This class is an hour long functional workout that promotes a lean, strong, balanced and resilient body that defies the effects of aging.  The workout will provide a perfect balance of exercises that recharges the nervous system so that you feel stronger, more flexible AND rejuvenated.  Class consists of 30 minutes of Tabata (16 - 20 minutes of work) plus a Recovery session using the foam roller.  The rolling experience will bring your body back into your most ideal alignment and relaxed state.  We will use focused breathing, foam rollers and small balls for the hands and feet.
To sign up for "Ultimate Tabata Challenge & Recovery", go to and click on the small group training link or call 1.888.412.2231.
Sessions begin the week of November 8th and will run for 8 weeks.  There will be 2 break weeks due to the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas).  
Cost is $189.00 for the 8 weeks for NYSC members ($259.00 for non-members).  The 30 minute Demo class is free of charge.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me (  See you soon!

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