Monday, August 1, 2011

Holistic Hottie™: No-Grain Noodles?

Yes!  And that's what I made for dinner last night.  Check it out. :0)

The little gadget I used is called the Spiralizer.  It's compact, easy to clean and super easy to use.  You can get it here.

After spiralizing the chunks of zucchini, I flash boiled them in a little water infused with fresh garlic.  Then I served my entree of wild red snapper and sauteed red onions on top.  Everything came out great!

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  1. I purchased this gadget after getting a book recommendation from this blog site called 'alive in five'. If you do the same thing done here with a cucumber and toss with roughly chopped olives, it is great. I am going try this recipe tonight. Thanks Amira. -Ava