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Tropical Traditions - Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

I've tried several different brands of coconut oil over the years but Tropical Traditions has been my preference for quite some time now.  Normally I take advantage of the company's great sales and buy huge tubs of their expeller-pressed oil but recently Tropical Traditions sent me their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil to try and review.  I wasn't disappointed by any means!  It's their premier brand that has been made by hand instead of mass processed via machinery.  This means that it hasn't been refined, bleached or deodorized.  Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is produced the traditional way which is probably why it's antioxidant levels are 2x that of most other coconut oils on the market.   
If you aren't a fan of the coconut taste, this product might not be for you.  If you, however, love all things coconut - it IS.  
Coconut oil is perfect for cooking, baking (in place of shortening) and body & hair care.  It's my preferred cooking oil and is perfect for high-heat cooking because of it's high smoke point.  It's also perfect to use as a face & body skin moisturizer/sun block and the coconut scent makes it heavenly. :)  Due to the price I don't use this oil as liberally as the expeller-pressed oil which I use for pretty much everything!  But because of it's overall value and health benefits, I'm quickly becoming more of a fan of it everyday. 

SeaSnax - Strangely Addictive!
I was initially introduced to SeaSnax when another nutrition coach based on the West coast posted a Facebook status raving about them.  I spotted them at Perelandra in Brooklyn, NY and had to try them out for myself.  Yes, they are strangely addictive and surprisingly pretty much free of carbs/sugars, protein and fat.  The ingredients are: seaweed, olive oil and sea salt.  You really can't beat that!

A few weeks ago the company actually sent me a generous box of SeaSnax to sample.

Varieties included: classic, toasty onion, and spicy chipotle.  While I had every good intention to share the box with one of my group exercise classes - I finished them off all by myself!  They're that good!  Especially if you dig the flavor of seaweed like I do.

The one SeaSnax goodie I haven't tried but look forward to is the SeaSnax RAW RAW RAW. The only ingredient is raw seaweed. :)

SeaSnax is offering all of my readers here, the people who like Holistic Hottie on Facebook, and Twitter followers FREE SHIPPING on all orders made by September 30th, '11.

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